Designing a Rainwater Management System with Simulation

An innovative, environmentally sustainable structure that serves as both a rainwater management system and noise barrier was installed in a busy neighborhood in Copenhagen, Denmark. Not only does the system help to prevent rain from overflowing the city's drainage systems (its primary purpose), but it also mitigates noise pollution and preserves the city's green space.

In this video, we meet four key members of the multidisciplinary team behind the structure's design, including Marina Bergen Jensen, a professor of landscape architecture and planning at the University of Copenhagen; Tim Larsen, a simulation specialist; Vibe Gro, co-owner of PileByg; and Kristoffer Ulbak, a civil engineer and hydraulics specialist. They explain how the structure works as well as how its design was made possible using a holistic collaborative approach that relied on multiphysics simulation.

Want to see a bird's-eye view of this inventive design and learn more about it?
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