Body Clocks - An artist's re-imagining of the science of circadian rhythms

University of Copenhagen
8. februar 2023
In the multi-work installation 'Body Clocks', artist Isabella Martin is inspired by chronobiological research into circadian rhythms. In collaboration with Kristin Hussey (Medical Museion/CBMR) and CBMR scientists, Martin has produced a series of four new art works that re-imagine the body clock through the artist’s lens.

This project is the result of over two years of collaboration between Martin, Hussey and the chronobiologists of CBMR. With Body Clocks, art is brought back into the scientific center that inspired it. Displayed in different locations throughout CBMR, the works aim to provoke and inspire scientists to ask new questions about their research. We hope that this installation will demonstrate the importance of not leaving science out of art-science.

About the artist:
Isabella Martin is a visual artist whose interdisciplinary practice is context specific, driven by collaboration with the sciences. Her ongoing research focuses on ideas of measurement, navigation and time in relation to place and the body, through work with an expanding group of collaborators. Recent projects include ‘WAVE MACHINES’, exhibited at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, ‘Keeping Time’ For Sculpture in the City, London, and ‘The Burning’ screened at Crosscuts Film Festival, Stockholm. She was recently commissioned by CBMR to produce the film ‘Time Animals’ featured in the exhibition The World is in You (2021).

This project is made possible by CBMR’s International Postdoctoral Program and a Production Residency grant from Statens Værksteder for Kunst [Danish Art Workshops].

With thanks to:
This project has only been possible with the collaboration of Center scientists, including: Zach Gerhart-Hines, Amy Ehrlich, Lewin Small, Stephen Ashcroft, Astrid Linde Basse, Ben Stocks, Leonidas Lundell, Sophia Metz, Fabian Finger, Emilie Dalbram, Anna Hassing, Jonathan Belanich, Iryna Khrystoforova, Raissa Novais Rodrigues, Lidia Argemi Muntadas, Oliver Haglund, Matthias Mattanovich, Kaja Rupar, Jo Iversen, Nigel Kurgan, Antonia Hufnagel, Rogez Mozeno Justicia, Nicole Fadahunsi, Laura Itidalgo, Katayoun Nourbakhsh, Bolette Vinum.

Thanks to the Medical Museion exhibition team: Kristin Hussey, Malthe Kouassi Bjerregaard, & Julie Wouwenaar Tovgaard.

Logistical Support provided by the Panum Facilities Team.