Orsted To Bohr To Now – Charles Marcus Talk

Livestream from a public lecture by Professor Charles Marcus at University of Copenhagen on 19 October 2020.
The lecture focus on the Danish scientists H.C. Ørsted and Niels Bohr, respective discoverers of classical electromagnetism and quantum physics. Their legacies connect today in modern quantum physics where the flow of electric currents and the fields that result can remain in an undetermined quantum state until measured.
Adding quantum indeterminacy to electromagnetism raises new and difficult unanswered questions and hints at unrealized technologies.
Charles Marcus is Villum Kann Rasmussen professor at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen and head of Microsoft Quantum Lab. He receives the H.C. Ørsted gold medal in physics and a travel grant for his work within the field of quantum mechanics and quantum technology.